Kelly’s House

We replicated Ash’s setup for Kelly

The tank

75 gallon aquarium with black cabinet sitting in my living room waiting to be a vivarium
75 gallon aquarium with black wooden cabinet.

We were able to get a 75 gallon aquarium / cabinet set up that matches Ash’s.

It’s nice because it’s a short tank that has more space front to back for the dragon to turn around in. Taller tanks are a lot more narrow. Also, this is easier for me to access because the top isn’t too high.

Lighting supports

So… lighting supports. We have 4 1/2 in x 36in and 2 at 1/2in x 18in pipes. Add some clamps, couplings and elbows and bolt it all to the back of the cabinet and we have versatile, cat-proof lighting support.

Hanging lights

Chain and fasteners to hold the heat lights. Rafter hooks to hold the UVB bar. The chains allow me to adjust heat by raising / lowering the heat lights. The rafter hooks allow me to drop the UVB lighting below the top of the tank so I don’t lose any UVB when I put the top on the vivarium.

Project complete (for now)

And… the finished (for now) setup. Faux rock background on the sides of Ash’s vivarium gives them their own space and prevents them from posturing or scaring each other.

Kelly is a ridiculously confident little dragon and is already inspecting the new house. I have a few things on order all will be here and installed in the next few days.

Update: about that climbing tree…

Ash had that climbing feature in her house for months until she outgrew it. Kelly decided it might be a great launching pad for attempts at flight.

I removed the climbing tree before anyone got hurt. I’m not sure how I’m going to explain to Kelly that not all dragons fly. That’ll wait for another day.

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