#wfhOfficeDrama: 30mar2020


The cats of #wfhOfficeDrama prepare for Monday & another productive week. Are you ready for this?

Right side: baby dragon looking alert. Right side:  fuzzy blankie with Ash’s tail hanging out from under it

Ash: hits snooze for the third time


Ash, snuggling in her blankie on my shoulder

Ash is doing her best today. The weather really makes her just want to curl up with a cup of tea and a good book. I think we can all identify with this. #wfhOfficeDrama

Ash in her house,  sitting on her rock,  looking judgemental

Ash has moved on to judging all her office mates. No one is measuring up today. #wfhOfficeDrama

Andrei sitting on my office chair wheel

The VP of Office Equipment Inspections stopped by to make sure everything is alright with my chair. #wfhOfficeDrama


The coveted Red Tube is empty

Red Tube status update. Inexplicably, no one has cared about this thing at all today. Not even a little bit. I share an office with weirdos. #wfhOfficeDrama

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