#wfhOfficeDrama: 4aug2020

Emergency staff meeting! Ownership of Red Tube is, once again, causing a disruption in the office.

Kubrick clearly has possession but Alice and Andrei would rather he leave immediately. Neither Alice nor Andrei wanted the tube before Kubrick went in and neither wanted it after he left.

Kubrick is in the Red Tube. Alice and Andrei are confronting him.
Ash has a semi-darkened beard which is a sign of being mildly annoyed or agitated.

“Well, it’s not even lunch and today is already a huge disappointment.” – Ash, Princess of Judgement.

Chaos Architect, Raimi, likes to spend a few quiet moments at the beginning of his day contemplating his goals and accomplishments. He feels it keeps him focused on the important things in his life.

Raimi in the cat tree with a very serious look on his face.
Happy dragon in a tub of water.

Our Work/Life Balance Expert, Kelly, has some great advice: “Saturday is for hanging out at the pool!”

He feels that recreation is important. Taking a swim is a good way to unwind after a long week even if your “pool” is a kitten-sized litter box.

In case you missed it, Anakin, our Lifestyle Blogger, posted his review of the cat beds he received from Greater Good Imperials.

Anakin laying in a box
Fellini sniffing the aquarium

Aquatics Engineer, Fellini, checks to make sure the fish stay hydrated. He says, “Dehydrated fish can become very seriously ill very quickly.” He is correct.

Thank you for watching out for the fish, Fellini.

Greater Good Cat Bed Review

My human brought home two new cat beds from a place called Greater Good Imperials.

I have to admit, at first, I was not impressed. These cat beds came with cold cans in them so there was no room for me to sit. My human quickly removed those though so I was able to start testing.

Anakin laying in a box
Anakin tests the new cat bed.

The beds are sturdy and just the right size and depth to lay in.

I tested the new bed for sturdiness. I rolled all around and pushed all the sides with my feet, head, and my butt. The bed held up perfectly.

I recommend these cat beds to any cats that like a good, sturdy shallow bed to sleep in. My human also seemed pleased with the stupid cans that came in the bed so those are OK too, I guess.

#wfhOfficeDrama: 30mar2020


The cats of #wfhOfficeDrama prepare for Monday & another productive week. Are you ready for this?

Right side: baby dragon looking alert. Right side:  fuzzy blankie with Ash’s tail hanging out from under it

Ash: hits snooze for the third time


Ash, snuggling in her blankie on my shoulder

Ash is doing her best today. The weather really makes her just want to curl up with a cup of tea and a good book. I think we can all identify with this. #wfhOfficeDrama

Ash in her house,  sitting on her rock,  looking judgemental

Ash has moved on to judging all her office mates. No one is measuring up today. #wfhOfficeDrama

Andrei sitting on my office chair wheel

The VP of Office Equipment Inspections stopped by to make sure everything is alright with my chair. #wfhOfficeDrama


The coveted Red Tube is empty

Red Tube status update. Inexplicably, no one has cared about this thing at all today. Not even a little bit. I share an office with weirdos. #wfhOfficeDrama

#wfhOfficeDrama: 27March2020


The dragons show up for work and immediately start wondering when breakfast will arrive. Kelly is feeling particularly judgmental of the slow service this morning.


Two cats trying to be in the same place at the same time and very unwilling to share.

Showdown at Red Tube! Fellini at one end, Anakin at the other. This had all the makings of a real conflict. Fortunately, both participants decided to stand down. Crisis averted.


If she’s going to take my chair she could at least get some work done.

I got up to get coffee and came back to this. She wouldn’t share so I had to remove her forcibly to a blankie on a comfy chair. She complained loudly but accepted her new seat and shortly after curled up for a nap.


Ash got a bath to help soothe her shedding. Kelly was excited to learn it’s Friday.

Andrei feels his hard work isn’t appreciated and sinks into existential dread. This lasts for about 5 minutes and then he bounces off to wrestle with his sister.


Anakin won the Red Tube today and celebrated by taking a nap, snoring loudly.

That’s it for today. It’s weekend time now so the wfhOfficeDrama is off until Monday.