#wfhOfficeDrama: 4aug2020

Emergency staff meeting! Ownership of Red Tube is, once again, causing a disruption in the office.

Kubrick clearly has possession but Alice and Andrei would rather he leave immediately. Neither Alice nor Andrei wanted the tube before Kubrick went in and neither wanted it after he left.

Kubrick is in the Red Tube. Alice and Andrei are confronting him.
Ash has a semi-darkened beard which is a sign of being mildly annoyed or agitated.

“Well, it’s not even lunch and today is already a huge disappointment.” – Ash, Princess of Judgement.

Chaos Architect, Raimi, likes to spend a few quiet moments at the beginning of his day contemplating his goals and accomplishments. He feels it keeps him focused on the important things in his life.

Raimi in the cat tree with a very serious look on his face.
Happy dragon in a tub of water.

Our Work/Life Balance Expert, Kelly, has some great advice: “Saturday is for hanging out at the pool!”

He feels that recreation is important. Taking a swim is a good way to unwind after a long week even if your “pool” is a kitten-sized litter box.

In case you missed it, Anakin, our Lifestyle Blogger, posted his review of the cat beds he received from Greater Good Imperials.

Anakin laying in a box
Fellini sniffing the aquarium

Aquatics Engineer, Fellini, checks to make sure the fish stay hydrated. He says, “Dehydrated fish can become very seriously ill very quickly.” He is correct.

Thank you for watching out for the fish, Fellini.

#wfhOfficeDrama: 3april2020

We made it through another week!


My cat sitting in my office chair

Andrei reporting to work this morning. He’s looking forward to weekend time. #wfhofficedrama

My cat looking at me expectantly

Alice. Hoping to be helpful during my morning Team Zoom. (She was not as helpful as she thinks). #wfhOfficeDrama.

Ash, displaying a little “annoyed” dark beard color. She does this every morning.

Ash doesn’t understand why morning has to start so EARLY 😩 #wfhOfficeDrama


Kelly laying across my keyboard

Kelly tried a little coding today. #wfhOfficeDrama

#wfhOfficeDrama: 1april2020


Alice, sitting in my chair and looking defiant as I ask her to please move
*purring intensifies*

Alice has taken my chair again. I asked her to please move and she began purring at me. That’s some weaponized adorableness going on. Not fair. #wfhofficedrama

Kubrick looks annoyed this morning

Oh hello, Wednesday. #wfhOfficeDrama


Ash,  laying on my desk near my keyboard and   “Accessibility For Everyone” coffee cup
Ash is really into Accessibility and coffee. #wfhOfficeDrama

Ash strengthened her lead by one on the Meeting Crashing Chart. She also earned extra points for taking a walk on my desk during the meeting.