#wfhOfficeDrama: 4aug2020

Emergency staff meeting! Ownership of Red Tube is, once again, causing a disruption in the office.

Kubrick clearly has possession but Alice and Andrei would rather he leave immediately. Neither Alice nor Andrei wanted the tube before Kubrick went in and neither wanted it after he left.

Kubrick is in the Red Tube. Alice and Andrei are confronting him.
Ash has a semi-darkened beard which is a sign of being mildly annoyed or agitated.

“Well, it’s not even lunch and today is already a huge disappointment.” – Ash, Princess of Judgement.

Chaos Architect, Raimi, likes to spend a few quiet moments at the beginning of his day contemplating his goals and accomplishments. He feels it keeps him focused on the important things in his life.

Raimi in the cat tree with a very serious look on his face.
Happy dragon in a tub of water.

Our Work/Life Balance Expert, Kelly, has some great advice: “Saturday is for hanging out at the pool!”

He feels that recreation is important. Taking a swim is a good way to unwind after a long week even if your “pool” is a kitten-sized litter box.

In case you missed it, Anakin, our Lifestyle Blogger, posted his review of the cat beds he received from Greater Good Imperials.

Anakin laying in a box
Fellini sniffing the aquarium

Aquatics Engineer, Fellini, checks to make sure the fish stay hydrated. He says, “Dehydrated fish can become very seriously ill very quickly.” He is correct.

Thank you for watching out for the fish, Fellini.

The Glitch: Raimi and Kubrick

Happy Gotcha Days, Raimi and Kubrick!

August 5 and 7 are the adoption anniversaries for my two cats, Raimi and Kubrick. I adopted them in 2018 as 10 week old kittens. They’re litter mate brothers from Enfield Community Cat Project in Connecticut.

Raimi in front. Kubrick in back. Bonded Brothers.

My original plan was only to adopt Kubrick (ECCP name: Aries). I had seen him on the ECCP Facebook page as available for adoption and fell in love with his little face. Aries had a brother, Hermes, and three sisters at the foster home. All of them were adorable but I was already in love with Aries and so I took him home.

Tiny black kitten in a hammock
The photo that made me love him. / Aries at ECCP

The day after I adopted Kubrick, I took him with me to my office so that he wouldn’t have to be locked up in a room by himself all day. My only other alternative was to let him loose in my house with Alice, Andrei, Fellini and Anakin. That wasn’t a good idea so he came to work with me.

He did pretty well for about half the day and then he started looking for his brother. He was clearly very upset at not being able to find him and he started to cry. Then he started to howl and became increasingly agitated when he could not find his brother. I contacted the ECCP to find out how his brother, Hermes, was doing. As it turned out, he was also also crying and looking for his brother.

Kubrick’s first day with us. Acting like he owned the place.

We realized what they were a bonded pair and they need to be put back together. I made arrangements to go back to ECCP and pick up Hermes and bring him home.

They were very excited to see each other. After an initial happy reunion, they curled up together all the way home.

As kittens they were nearly identical and completely inseparable. I started calling them The Glitch (Matrix reference for those who haven’t seen the movies).

Neo : A black cat went past us, and then another that looked just like it.
Trinity : How much like it? Was it the same cat?
Neo : It might have been. I'm not sure.
Morpheus : Switch! Apoc!
Neo : What is it?
Trinity : A déjà vu is usually a glitch in the Matrix. It happens when they change something.

The Glitch. All Grown Up.

As adults they are more independent of each other but whenever anything upsets them or frightens them, they cling to each other for comfort. They still play together and are are still definitely very bonded.

I love these sweet boys and am so glad I was able to keep them together. Happy adoption day to The Glitch.

#wfhOfficeDrama: 14april2020


Tragedy strikes. Kubrick has to deal with a nearly-empty bowl AND the fact that he knocked kibbles everywhere. The struggle is real. #wfhOfficeDrama